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Hey, Sophia & All :wave: Sophia...Degen gave you some great advice a few pages back...he thought he may be hurting your feelings but good friends sometimes give it to us straight and know when it's time not to coddle us. ;) There's time for coddling and then there's times to tell you like we see it!!!

Yes, you need to check the ex at the door each time you get together with a perspective date. You may not talk about him but you seem to be subconsciously comparing others to him....and the thing is, if the ex was all that good he would be with you at this particular moment of time!!!

Now as far as this Rock Star....I agree with "musicman" in the sense that you need to set him straight. Everyone is different in terms of readiness for intimacy. I am sure he was saying what he was saying to gauge where you're at and how you respond will set the overall pace. While it is a great compliment that he finds you attractive it can also be quite presumptuous of him. So respond as you would...if things are too soon let him know it. How he responds in reaction to that will allow you to see what sort of guy he is.....whether he's in it for the sex or in it for YOU.

Stacy,.....sorry to hear about your burns. The neosporin is good and taking something for the pain will help like Motrin or if you have something strong do take it. Once the blisters pop it will be quite painful.....there is a perscription of Silvadnene creme that has sulfa antibiotic in it (if you are allergic to sulfa drugs you cannot use it). It will sooth as well as prevent infection. It is used for frist & second degree burns and should help. Be sure to keep it clean and wash it as needed. It usually takes a week for things to improve. My brother had a burn from boiling water a few years back & he found the Silvadene cream helped alot. Hope it helps you out as well. ;)

Degen....I hope that you do not have to use any of your fencing strategies to keep Sophia's suitor at bay or that Stacy doesn't have to resort to her lacrosse stick!!! I have a feeling that Sophia will be able to handle things on her own.

Be real with him, Sophia....and if you continue to feel as if he cannot do the same, perhaps the Rockstar ego is too big and you need to move on.

(((HUGS))) ~ Goody :angel: