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Hey There,

On May 28th my fiancé shattered his left Calcaneus. At the ER I noticed a few small clear blisters the size of a tear. The ER Doctor said that blisters were pretty common with this type of break, they put a splint on it and told us to follow up with a Orthopedic. By the time we got in to see his Dr (the next day) the 2 small blister turned in to several huge blisters, covering at least 3/4 of the skin on his ankle (both sides) and up his calf (both sides). and are a mixture of the clear fluid and blood filled - more of the blood filled then the clear. While in the Dr's office he aspirated and deroofed all of the blisters. He then applied some silvadene on the blister area and covered and splinted it and admitted him directly into the hospital for pain management and infection control. He stayed there for about 2 nights and was sent home. The Dr said he would not operate until the blisters healed. Today, he went to see a plastic surgeon to see about skin graphs, on blister on the inside ankle bone that is not healing correctly. The plastic surgeon, cut the dead skin away and told him he did not need any skin graphs. He told us to come back in three weeks.

In the meantime my fiancé goes back to his Ortho on June 25th. That's like 28 days after the initial break. That's 4 weeks. Is that normal? Also, I don't know if his Ortho was joking but during his last visit he made a statement that the break was so ugly he didn't know if it was repairable. Could that be?

Thanks Lynn