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Well it seems I have fallen into your group here. I couldn't resist the bad pun.
A little background about my journey here, fell off ladder dropping approx. 4-5 feet on to concrete driveway in house shoes on 9/4, splinted in ER and sent home to see doc the following monday. When they took splint off i got my first view of a fracture blister about 4 inches x 2 inches on the outside of my foot. X-rays and CT showed 3 pieces so resplint and see you in a week. 9/15 blister still there, was drained this time, and should have surgery today. Since I'm writing this now you might correctly guess that didn't happen. They got me knocked out with the drugs into the operating room and peeled the layer off the blister only to find out it wasn't healing as much as hoped and doc didn't want to risk infection. Sent me home with Silvadene cream to put on the blister area and see how it looks thursday. He said and I've read the surgery window is only 3 weeks or so, which means i'm looking for some encouraging new from folks that might have gone this far from injury to surgery.

Thanks for listening to my rambling
Hi Billy,

I'm sorry you fell into out little group but you couldn't pick a better support and information group. We all at various stages of our recovery and we will all be happy to share our experiences, good and bad.

I trust you have gone thru the many threads on this sight reading the stories, treatments, etc....if not that would be my suggestion while waiting for surgery so you know the possibilities for success.

As good as good news gets, 3 pieces is the way to go. Less bone to regrow. I have 6-7 pieces and like Carole mentioned, a lot more than that.

I did not have a blister, but I know Carole did, she stated the Silvadene cream helped her a lot.

I had a very good surgeon. He told me it didn't matter to him when he did the surgery, 2 weeks or 4 after the injury, the important thing was the swelling. He was very specific about that, so the window your doc is talking about isn't as crtical as one might think. They can rebreak it then put your heel back together during surgery.

If it's available, ask for a leg block before surgery. It minimizes pain and the amount of general anesthsia needed during surgery.

My onlt other suggestion is, listen the doc and follow his instructions. You will recover faster that way with few set backs.

Carole, good to try picking up a sock, try something with a little more substance, like a towel. It's easier to wrap yout toes around a towel than a sock. Start big and work down.

Keep on healing heelies and Billy, ask away, we're here to help you get thru this difficult time.