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Quote from Cher2005:
Been reading your numbers and mine don't seem so bad. My TC is 210, HDL is 57 and LDL 131/ I know the ldl is a little high, but now I am working on my diet more since holiday splurge.
I had CABG last summer triple. My doc wants to increase my vitorin from 10/40 to 10/80. I have read that this may only decrease my ldl by 6 %. I already have constipation problems which will only get worse with an increase in statins.
I am trying to talk him out of this increase, but he is stubborn. Isn't an hdl of 57 pretty darned good??

Your doctor isn't concerned about the HDL, it IS good, but rather the LDL which isn't: at least not after a quad cabg.
But you are right, there isn;t a huge extra benefit in going from the 40 to 80 mg. simvastatin.

You cannot get enough niacin from food to help your cholesterol levels but the niacin is cheap in a Vitamin store, however the Niaspan formulation of niacin IS a prescription drug as is Vytorin (which is simvastatin + ezetimibe.)