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It is ironic that zocor has been a cholesterol statin med which is beneficial for stalling progression of parkinson's. i take the generic SIMVASTATIN.
amazing i got a year supply locally for $10.75.

statins deplete coQ10. the newest form of coQ10 is UBIQUINOL.
A study found 1200 mg coQ10 does not help symptoms but slows progression of PD. a study is in progress using more than l200mg.
UBIQUINOL is 8 times more bioavailable than regular coQ10.

UBIQUINOL 60 l00mg ( equal to 800 mg ) $24 mail order. it can be much more expensive.

a hypertension med dynacirc generic ISRADIPINE a calcium channel blocker is good for high blood pressure and PD. 5mg 30 for $53 local.

there is interest in CREATINE being studied. inexpensive.

MUCUNA is another non prescription product getting a lot of attention.

researching the last three items i haven't found dosage information.
consult your neurologist. i have a wonderful neuro but she had never heard of mucuna. i got an ok on ISRADIPINE, CREATINE, and coQ10.