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I made limited contact with a Proffessor from Austria who has assisted in study of condition. Their study seems to indicate that condition is vascular / blood related and in mainland Europe they treat with Iloprost which dilates blood vessells. I have copies of same if anyone else out there is interested.

Prior to this condition I discovered I had family/genetic high cholesteral. I started a course of Statins, Simvastatin 80mg/day.

I discussed all of the above with UK specialist. They dismissed European Studies without even reading documentation I gave them. I offered email address of Proffessor, showed them what Proffessor said about my particular case and blood. Guess what? All dismissed in about 2 seconds. They seem to prefer dumb patients and they really don't like internet gained knowledge.

I've not taken any medication specific to TO for over a 12month only Statin for blood problem and am at present pain free.

A recent radioactive head to foot x-ray showed activity in left hip, right knee, right ankle so who knows if im going to be imobilised in these areas soon. I'm making the most of 6 weeks to date walking okay with no pain.

Still really interested if anyone else out there encountered / encountering similar condition ??