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I have been diagnosed this week with silent reflux. I've been suffering with the lump in my throat, a touch of hoarseness, clearing of my throat, constriction, trouble swallowing mainly liquids, as in can feel them going down. Eating solids is when I notice it the least.

Dr has put me onto Omeprazole for a month. This may of course help or may not. I've been suffering stomach pains and terrible wind/gas, but I feel if that's what I have to put up with for 4 weeks to get rid of this reflux problem I'll do it. Been on it 2 days and not much difference so far. I take it 30 mins before breakfast, but read somewhere online to take it directly before eating. Anyone else discovered what works best?

One thing I have is a terrible dry mouth and throat. I wondered if anyone else suffers from this with it, and if so, have you found anything to relieve that problem.

Another thought was what actually causes it - are there any drugs that can cause it? I take simvastatin for my cholesterol.

Excuse my rambling - throwing thoughts in the pot really.