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Hi all,

I read the posts below, it is so many and so long..... I didn't finished all the reading. Sorry! I would like to try it but I'm currently taking some other medication. I don't know can these mix with the raw ACV? I need some one help, please!

Simvastatin 20mg (it said avoid eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice while being treated with this medicine.) Raw ACV should be no problem?

Sometime when I didn't go for exercise, I'll take a tablet of metformin 500mg. Vit E or fish oil either one per day. Some chinese herbs for chest pain as well. Are they all can go in with raw ACV? I didn't have much empty block left before breakfast so I've to swollow all together.

Once I called the "Nurse on Call", She told me to take a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate mix with water. All things in my stomach zoom out from my mouth and nose! If I get heal by raw ACV then I can cancel my gastroscopy. I'm full of hopes......