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Gosh, I'm sorry for you all but it is a relief to know I am in good company! Right now the aches are mostly in the front of my knees - just as Tammy described-sort of behind the knee cap. What a hoot this back pain is, eh?
Well, I will be having a Ct scan and an xray next week along with a visit to my neurosurgeon. Maybe we'll get some answers then. From the start, I have had a centrally located protrusion on L5-S1. No one looking at my scans has felt it was a significant source of pain for me. Nothing has been done to this disc in either of my surgeries. I don't know what to think. We, of course, attributed all of my pain to the failed fusion at L4-5. Makes me wonder now if we overlooked something. Then again, if I am not fusing this time I don't have to look very far for an explanation.
But this knee stuff is quite new. It only started maybe 6-7 weeks ago. Tammy, I have titered down on the Cymbalta to about 15 mg/day from 60. Could this be related? I think so. Cymbalta is reputed to have strong pain relieving qualities for exactly our kind of issues - musculoskeletal stuff. I can say that the past few weeks have been harder for me and I have a resurgence in sciatic pain and so on. Once I am done with the Cymbalta, it will leave me with just Neurontin, Toprol (beta blocker), Simvastatin (cholesterol), and vicodan. I take the vicodan PRN right now. I can usually hold off until bedtime but almost always have to take one at bedtime to sleep.
I think you are wise to be conservative Tammy. I am beginning to think we are all more sensitive to these meds than our docs want to admit. They all have side effects and the interactions are considerable. I miss Bextra and Celebrex every day. But they both just tore up my intestines so I had to give them up. Vertigo is my latest side effect (I hope it is a med effect anyway) and not any fun at all. And on it goes. I need pain relief like anyone else so I am very glad I seem to tolerate a few narcotics pretty well. But my motto now is 'less is more'.
Sbbo - I have not had the type of sensation you describe in my calves - coldness or numbness. I mostly notice the aches in my calves and all over my lower legs once I lie down in bed. It isn't so great a pain that it distracts me at other times, I'm guessing. I find I often tell docs of pain or sensations and they seem to have no response at all. At least my neuro (just a super person along with being an attentive doctor) always listens and tells me that though it isn't something that 'adds up' for him, nothing much would surprise him and a bad back can create a host of pain and symptoms.
Thanks for the info, Yvette. I'll do the research. I really should not get too panicy but I think I've become very focused on pain. I guess I was dreading that this could be something new starting up. You have all helped to calm me down and I thank you for it.
Just as an update Tammy - I am hanging in there. I am being really careful not to bend and especially not to lift too much. I did both about 6-7 weeks ago and it kicked off a misery episode I am just starting to come down from. And what I lifted wasn't a rock but a plastic box with some decos in it. I should be able to safely lift that amount but I can't and I need to accept that and leave such things alone. I have been faithful with all of my PT but I don't seem to make any progress. My pain levels are real high. That is, I always seem to stay at about a 2-5 pain level. I am rarely pain free but I am rarely in great pain. To get to a low pain level I'd have to lie down and rest a lot more or take more meds. Plain and simple.
Well, I've written a book. I do hope you are enjoying the holidays as best you can. Take good care - Suzy-Q