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Hi, I'm not sure how to describe or research this problem. Hoping that if nothing else, someone may be able to give me some more precise terms to use for searching.

For a number of years I have had occasional times when I have experienced what I can best describe as "tired knees" (see more detailed description below).

This lasts anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days and then I no longer notice it.

I have experienced this twice in the last 3-6 months. The earlier time it lasted for a few hours. This time it has been going for about 10hr so far.

The description below talks about the knee joint but to I get the same sensation variously in the elbow and wrist joints. In the elbow and wrist joints it is never as strong as at the knees. I know I have experienced it in the elbow before but am not sure if this is the first time I have noticed it in the wrists.

Its occurrence is progressive. By that I mean that It always happens at the knees first (and often only). I do not notice it in the other joints on their own. and not at the wrists unless it is also at the knees and elbow.

I am 49yo, 168cm 77kg, generally health and reasonably fit. I am on medication for depression (Dothiepin hydrochloride/Prothiaden 110mg daily), and Hypothyroid (Thyroxin 100microgram daily) , Simvastatin 10mg daily).

I don't think it is directly related to my current med's as I have experience episodes during periods when I was not under any treatment.

The sensation seems to be at or just below -in line with the back of- the kneecap. It feels very similar to what my muscles feel when I am tired. Not sore or tight. It is a very dull sensation but constant.

After a while if I don't do something to it I feel like all I can do is curl up tightly into a foetal position and try and sleep past the episode. Although not painful it is quite distressing and can be to debilitating as it is discourages me from moving about. The sensation does continue while I am moving.

To alleviate or deal with it I apply constant pressure to it by wrapping a tight bandage around the knees. This helps by applying general pressure around the joint. But for best relief I need to apply pressure by pushing the top of the knee-cap towards the back. However even with that it is not always very effective.

When I get this I find that I fidget a lot by swinging my knees (with feet stationary on the ground) left and right, and sometimes knocking them together. The same is true of the other joints.