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For 5 years I had the same problem! I could sleep in and never have to go, but when I got up for school, every morning I had major diarriah and cramps.
I never did figure out anything that worked. I took immodium every morning before school. Generally by the end of 1st period it started to settle down. I dont know how many mornings I would hold my breath and hope I didn't crap myself on the bus!

My mom currently is having a similar issue after having abdomal surgery. I'm defintely going to research the drug you are talking about.
She wakes up several times throughout the night with diarriah, but as the day goes on she's fine.

DO you get muscle craps with Colestid?
She's actually on a cholesterol drug (simvastatin) that gives her awful muscle cramps and makes her joints hurt.

[QUOTE=camaronut;3070054]I used to have the exact same problem! If I could sleep in until 9 or 10, I had no stomach problems whatsoever. But, if I would have get up anytime before 9, I would have terrible stomach cramps and have loose stools several times throughout the morning that would usually resolve around noon. I tried several different antispasmodics thinking that maybe if I didn't have cramps, I wouldn't have the loose stools. Nothing seemed to work. But, I did some searching online, and talked my doctor into letting me try Colestid. It's really a cholesterol lowering drug, but is used in people with bile salt diarrhea for after having your gall bladder removed. I still have my gall bladder, but it's nonetheless been a miracle drug for me. I take 2-1gram tablets before bed, then 2 first thing in the morning. Because of this drug, I almost always have just the one normal bm a day. Once in while I'll have a day where I have 2 bm's, but they won't be diarrhea, and I haven't had the cramping at all since going on the Colestid. My dr. said that Colestid is a very benign safe drug, so it wouldn't hurt to give it a try and see if it works for you too! I'm finally able to leave the house for appointments and such before 10 without worry!