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Had very bad chest pains on Thursday at work what happened is I lifted a heavy I term and the pain went up my left hand side of jaw and my chest felt like a elephant was sat on my chest was rushed to hospital had an ecg and was ok had blood test that was ok they give me 10ml of morphine to stop the pain and stayed in over night I have a stent drug eluting done on 7-09-06 and have unstable angina and can someone tell me why I keep getting stomach ache is it one of my pills. Thanks hope someone can help

Bisoprolol 10mg tab
aspirin 75mg tab
lansoprazole 30mg cap
simvastatin 80mg tab (at night)
clopidogrel 75mg tab
Isosorbide mononitrate 10mg tab twice a day
Furosemide 40mg tab
Salbutamol ventolin evohaler cfc free
Glyceryl trinitrate spray 15 min rule –then 999