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Hello. I am a 40 yo female. I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes in January and my a1c is great, 5.9 . Sugar level stays between 80 and 110 . I take 60 units twice a day of 70/30 novulin. I do have slightly elevated bad cholesteral. Doctor prescribed simvastatin, I took it for a few weeks, however the side effects were too uncomfortable, so I ceased use of them. I am also hypothyroid (for 18 years). Current dose of levothyroxin is .175 . I was taking .2, however doctor said she thought my tsh warranted a lower dose. I am not actively involved in any sports and have had no injuries. I am not sure what else to preface my question with, so... here goes: For the last couple of weeks, when I stand from waking up, a terrible pain ( scale: 7 ) shoots throught the middle 2 inches of the ulna on my left arm. It seems not to be quite so bothersome during the day, but it is coupled with the feeling that my left thumb ( joint at the base of my thumb ) seems to be constantly popping in and out of it's joint ( if that is possible ). Also, when I flex my thumb or position it in the palm of same hand, the pain extends upward to the spot of the pain in left ulna. Oh dear, I hope that I haven't confused anyone. I have tried to be as thorough as possible. I don't think that diabetic neuropathy is likely, as I have not lost any feeling. There is no numbness or tingling. And other than the base of the thumb there is no joint pain or stiffness or swelling. Thank you in advance. There is no muscle pain involved.