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Indapamide is also sometimes known as: Natrilix or Natrilix SR.

Well, regarding lifestyle modifications that maybe my problem. I don't think I have any thing that I can change.

I'm the correct weight for my height, I don't smoke and I only drink one glass of red wine a day. I don't eat to much and I try and eat all the right things and there is no high blood pressure in the family. Maybe a little more exercise but apart from that I don't know what would lower my BP.

Although I am the correct weight, like you my weight has gone up, about 7 lbs while I was on the previous BP tablets.

My cholesterol has been a bit high and only this week I have been prescribed Simvastatin. I have not taken any yet but reading the info. they seem to have similar side effects to the BP tablets.

I wonder if lower cholesterol means lower BP?