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I'm waiting for an appointment with a cardiologist (NHS) and my GP expects him to arrange an angiogram. A nuclear scan in the spring didn't show anything significant - I went for a period of about 9 months symptom-free but they came back about 6-7 weeks ago and I had one really bad episode. One GP says it can't be angina because of the test, the other is pretty sure it is in spite of it! All I know is that central chest pressure on exertion or stress, radiating to the neck and jaw and easing with GTN or rest sounds very like it and is very unpleasant. Over the last few weeks I've had show chest pain on more than half the days, although apart from the one severe episode which lasted 25 minutes not severe. Nearly all have been exercise-induced, three by stress.

I'm 61, female, a non-smoker, blood sugar slightly raised but not diabetic, on treatment for hypertension and raised cholesterol and with an almost 100% incidence of coronary artery disease on Dad's side, so I've always known I was likely to get it. An echo showed slight left ventricular hypertrophy from the hypertension. I'm on lisinopril, diltiazem, aspirin and simvastatin. I try to eat healthily and am increasing my exercise.

Although I suffer from long-term dysthymia/depression I would not say I am an unduly anxious person. However, that one attack when I ran for a bus was REALLY scary.

This morning I had it very mildly on exertion.