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Hi All Im new To The Board So I do Have a Question :)

Ide like to know if the following is normal practice world wide.

Coming upto three years ago I suffered a small heart attack, If a heart attack can be catagoratised as small. It did little damage to the heart wall being only partial thickness as Im told, and doesnt show up on an ECG.

I was admitted to hospital where blood tests showed ide had a heart attack. I spent 3/4 days in coronary care and a few days on another ward. The following week I had an angioplasty where they found a blockage and did a stenting procedure, and another artery that was 50/60% blocked which they left alone.
I was released to go home the following day. I was put on a regime of tablets asprin, ramapril, atenolol, and simvastatin, and given a GTN spray to use if i got any chest pain. Six weeks later I had a follow up with a cardiologist and was discharged.

My question is, is it normal to have a heart attack?, have minor surgery, put on a drug regime and then discharged untill god forbid I have another heart attack or start again with chest pains?

I find this quite bizzare that in this day and age that this is whats the hospitals do, if its the norm worldwide then so be it but in my humble opinion I would think and hope follow up even if there a year apart should be done.

I ask this question mainly as I have already stated I have a partialy blocked artery and for close to three years now Its always in the back of my mind that this could errupt at any time causing another heart attack that in effect could be avaoided if a standard of checks were in place.

You thoughts and answers will be greatly appreiated and I appologise for the lengthy post.