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Hello Huck, Hope you made it through the Holidays unscathed. I had my yearly bout of bronchitis and got a little dent in my car for Xmas, not my doing, but other than that I have made it fine, especially on the Atacand. I refuse to take my BP or obsess about this med. I am just going to stick it out. Actually I don't even know I am taking it. Isn't that wonderful?

I also have hyperlipidemia. Highest mine got was 367 before they finally got me on Simvastatin. I am the only sibling out of 5 that has inherited, and pardon my bragging, but I am the only skinny one of the bunch, but I get the cholesterol problem. Go figure. My late husband battled ulcers all his life, so I have never been one to eat fried or fatty foods, so I know mine has to be the inherited type also.

Well I am happy to hear you have dodged surgery at this time. I have a script for Tramadol and am to pick up a TENS unit tomorrow, for home use. I find that Tramadol does help at times. I think that an extra Flexaril and a Tramadol seems to help more than anything and since I am drug resistant in a lot of ways, I do not wish to add anything stronger but use heat, Tens, topicals, and injections as long as possible.

Yes , please expand on Dr Cheney's info, I would be interested in anyone's take on the probability that the valve disease may be fibro related.