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Hello, I joined this forum to learn from you about recognizing heart disease symptoms. This forum appears to have some quite knowledgeable members :-)

My problem is that I experience moderate chest pains (center) but cannot determine whether they are due to angina or arthritis. They happen with slight sudden increase in activity (stairs, getting up suddenly from a rest, etc.). I have tried taking nitro but cannot say for sure whether the pain disappears due to nitro, or just fades naturally for other reasons.

If anyone can tell me what angina feels like, and how I can distinguish angina from other pains, this would be very much appreciated.

I have 70% mid-LAD stenosis and 50% LAD stenosis. Exercised Bruce protocol for 10 min achieving 122 % FAC. Asymptomatic throughout test. Treatment: 10 mg Simvastatin with 80 mg aspirin.

I can exercise 30 minutes on my home treadmill, and gradually increase my exercise level until I work up a sweat. I experience no shortness of breath or chestpain during controlled exercise. BP max about 150/85, HR never over 120 BPM. Resting BP <120/80, HR 60.

If you could share your perception of anhina this would be much appreciated!

best regards,