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Here are my test results:

Total Chol 262
LDL 181
HDL 69
Trigs 61

HDL as % of cholesterol is 25 (range <26) - below average risk
Chol/HDL Ratio 3.8 (range <3.9) - below average risk

My LDL has flucuated over the years
I have been able to get it down below 130 but only with religious
low fat diet that drove me crazy.

My doctor has had me on niaspan - 1000mg which while it dropped the LDL to 117 and kept the HDL up, itcaused a slight abnormal rise in glucose that scared me. It also slightly raised my G-GTP liver level.
Those numbers are now normal.

She also tried 10mg of lipitor which I could not tolerate due to leg pain.

She is now recommending 40mg of simvastatin.

My question is - should I try this or should I ask if I can just try the niaspan again.

The thing I dont' get is that the ratios say "below average risk". If the ratios say that then why do I need meds???????????????

I just went to the pharmacy and
the simvastatin was $42!
I didn't have enough money.
I have been on Niaspan - I am
going to call my doctor and ask if
I can use the Niaspan until the simvastatin
comes in on mailorder (mailorder 90day
is only $17!).

I have had the VAP test done about 3 years ago.

It did show the "good" particle pattern.

Still I am 52 and I am worried about not doing anything.

Thanks for the advice.