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In my humble opinion (IMHO) if you are a statin drug user, your total blood cholesterol should not be below 180 mg/dL. Cholesterol levels below 180 (mg/dL) can increase your risk of cerebral hemorrhage and other lethal diseases. Scientific studies show that the optimal total cholesterol range is 180-220, while LDL-cholesterol should be under 100 and beneficial HDL-cholesterol over 50. Some statin drug users drop their total cholesterol below 150. This looks like you. If these people had taken a lower dose of the drug, they would probably have adequately lowered their cholesterol levels, reduced their toxicity risk, and saved a good deal of money.

With the Vytorin 10/40, you might want to consider lowering the latter (40mg. simvastatin) to 20mg. or even 10mg. and get re-tested. How long have you been taking the Vytorin? Have you supplemented with CoQ10?

Recommended daily intake of CoQ10 is 30-100 mg for people who are trying to maintain a healthy heart and keep LDL oxidation at a minimum. If you are taking statins, you should take at least 100 mg per day.