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Hello everyone!!!

I hope everyone is doing well! I am just requesting some advice.

First of all, I had astronomically high cholesterol. It was measured at over 600, then 464 after fasting :eek:. With Lopid, however, I was able to get it down to 169 :)!

My triglycerides, on the other hand, remain at 600+. I'm not obese; in fact, I exercise at least 5 times a week. My only problem is that I eat a lot--and bad food like pizza! I have changed my diet significantly, though (will need to get another blood test).

As a result, the doctor put me on 10mg of Zocor, a simvastatin, in addition to the Lopid.

1. My question is, first of all, has anyone tried this mixture? I have been reading that it is a frightening combination, with side effects (though according to ultrasounds and MRIs I have no liver or kidney damage).

2. Is it common to have good levels of everything else--blood pressure perfect, low bad cholesterol, CPK 109, etc.--and high triglycerides? My good cholesterol does need to come up a bit--only 31.

3. Does the mixture between lopid and zocor really make much difference, esp. weighing the costs?

4. Are triglerydes that important, more so than other measurements.

5. What's the best way to reduce triglyc.? I have heard eating less, cutting out saturated fats etc. Well, I have been eating a lot of veggie--such as morning star, dinners!

Thanks so much for your advice!!

Best, Hightri :D