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Hello Looly,

I am very much like you. Initally when I was told I had high cholesterol I was always told your HDL is high so you have nothing to worry about. Then I moved and started with a new doctor who kept lecturing me and didn't care how high my HDL was. I started out with diet and exercise and did fairly well till I hit 50 years old. Then no matter what I did it didn't work. I was on niaspan for 18 months. Then I started to get a slightly high blood sugar level which returned to normal after stopping the drug.

Unfortunately my LDL went up again. It had been as low as 117 on the niaspan. then jumped up to 181 (HDL 71). I have been on 40mg. of simvastatin (generic zocor) now for 3 months. I get retested next monday. Like you I fought statins for years but got to the point where I was too scared not to take them.

One thing that helps and I know this is crazy but I have a friend and a neighbor who are both on the same statin and same dosage. I feel like the 3of us are taking it together. It's comforting. So far no side effects that I can attribute to the drug so I am hoping for good results from next monday's blood draw.