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Hello Jacal5

As a matter of fact I did take a VAP test about 3 years ago.
I did come out with patter A LDL density which is think is
believed to be the harmless kind. But here were the other numbers.

total 227
HDL 54
LDL 164
trigs 65
Probably metabolic syndrome - NO
LPA - 30 ( should be less than 10)
Lipoprotein (a) 79 (should be less than 30)

As a result of this test I was placed on Niaspan for about 18 months.
I went off it because it was starting to raise my glucose levels above normal which I felt was worse than the high LDL. My glucose dropped like a stone after stopping the niaspan so I am glad I went off it. My glucose was not high - just slightly out of range (112). After stopping the niaspan it dropped back down to 83 which is what is normal for me. Niaspan is great for raising HDL (mine was 92 at the last reading) but diabetics should be carefully monitored.

I was really upset about the Lipoprotein (a). I've heard bad things about it.

There is a history of stroke on my mother's side of the family. Every one of my siblings is on statins. My brother is on lipitor. What can you do??? I resisted statins for almost 10 years. I have a very busy job, I'm a caregiver at home and don't have the time right now to take good care of myself. I decided to take the simvastatin for now and put my cholesterol on autopilot. I must say it is kind of nice not to have to worry about every little thing going into your mouth and what it is doing to your LDL. It got to the point where I could not go to the doctor with any other complaint without getting lectured about this. When I would mention the high HDL I was just told that the high LDL is in and of itself an independent risk factor. I went to a cardiologist who agreed with my GP. The whole thing just became very tiresome.

Like I said, tomorrow you'll turn on the news and hear a report about how a high LDL is actually protective against heart disease. It's enough to make you crazy!:dizzy:

Hello Minxarella

I have not noticed any hair loss. Now I have a lot of hair and since turning 50 I have developed hair in places I wish it didn't exist. If zocor can get rid of that hair I will be delighted.:D

I don't blame you for being on the fence about the statins. I can't really say I have gotten any side effects from it. Sure I get aches and pains but I was getting them prior to taking the meds.

I did take niaspan for 18 months and the flushing really drove me nuts after a while and after the glucose went slightly above normal, I ditched that.

I sure hope there is a concensus someday on whether it is about the numbers alone or the ratios. I hate the idea that I am taking meds unnecessarily.

If you do decide to take the zocor, make sure you get the generic which is
simvastatin. I don't know what kind of insurance you have but I get a 90 day supply for less than $18. The name brand would run me $40.

Good luck.