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Hi Technic here, I would just like to keep you up date on my problem, of numbing thums & fingers when lying down, about two year ago I had a blood test, and the doctor said I had cholesterol and gave me some 40mg SIMVASTATIN which seamed to do the trick according to him, so I carried on taking them,( possible side effects numbness or loss of sensation in arms & legs) about twelve months ago I had trouble with my thumbs and fingers, he sent me for exray's on my hands, and told me that I had a bit of ARTHRITIS in my hands and gave me some more tablets, MELOXICAM 7.5mg I have also had an exray on my neck which showed ARTHITIS, and he told me it was something I would have to live with, anyway over the past twelve months the numbing of my hands have been getting progresivly worse, and I had to go to the doctor to see what he could do for me, as I could not sleep, and was getting up at 3am in the morning and trying to sleep in a chair sat up,which is no fun after a day or two, SO, off I go to the doctors again he listened to what I had to say, then said he thought AMITRIPTYLINE 10mg would help me, but on reading about them I went back to the doctors and told him I would not be taking them, he asked me what else could he do, now he had mentioned physio on my neck so I said I would have that, anything but taking tablets, anyway, I dicided to cut down on the MELOXICAM 7.5 at night and I started to have a bit longer sleep, THEN, I stopped taking the SIMVASTIN 40mg and my thumb & fingers no longer feel like they are going to burst when I lye down, I would say 95% cured, I also feel great in myself, and I am getting a good nights sleep what else could I wish for, I am keeping a check on my blood pressure, and that is OK, the only thing is, my doctor does not know what I have done yet, I have been off the tablets now for about a month, Hope this may be of help to other sufferers
Hi TECHNIC here, "Update" RE Numbing of thumbs and fingers, it has been nearly five months now since I stopped taking SIMVASTATIN tablets for cholesterol I have recently had a blood check for cholesterol, and saw the nurse last week,who said my cholesterol had gone up to 5.2 from 3.6. I told her the story about my fingers and why I had chosen to do what I had done, ie,experiment by STOP taking the tablets, and that I felt 50% better in myself, AND, getting a good nights sleep every night, she told me she could live with that, and tried to explaine with a sketch how cholesterol builds up in the vain, I take my blood presure pretty regular,which is 125/7 over 70/7 What is a good reading ? and what is the scale for cholesterol ?

regards TECHNIC