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Sorry this might be a bit long! I am 51, Up to this year I would say I was very healthy, good diet, reasonable amount of exercise- I walk briskly every day for about an hour, drink moderately (only wine, no spirits), slightly overweight, I take a vitamin supplement when I remember which isn't very often. Haven't smoked for about 25 years and then about 15 a day, smoked from age 15 to 24 . This all started in Feb when I had sudden onset of severe central chest pain which lasted for 15-20 minutes and then reduced to a very painful chest for a whole night. I didnt go to the doctor at that time as I thought it was a once only incident. A couple of weeks later the same pain came back and I saw my GP who sent me for ECG, blood tests and so on. I had raised cholesterol and was put on Simvastatin 40mg daily,ECG came back with R bundle branch block - I was referred to cardiac team. A few weeks later whilst still waiting for my appt I had another episode and was admitted to hospital. Angiogram was normal and a CT scan looking for pulmonary embolism was negative. At this point they discovered a lesion on my liver 4 cm in size but felt chest pains were not related. Discharged and eventually referred on to a gastro enterologist, gastroscopy performed which showed extensive inflammation of oesophagus stomach and duodenum, biopsy taken which showed helicobacter, plus hiatus hernia. Treated for H,Bac and had reaction to drugs on the 6th day of a 7 day course. Discontinued the clarithromycin for the last day, kept up with the metronidazole and omeprazole. Saw a liver specialist in London about the lesion who after much debating and two MRI scans says that although it does not show typical characteristics for focal nodular hyperplasia it doesnt look typical of adenoma either. So they have decided to call it an FNH and review in one year.
I have a permanent ache centrally in my chest and also low down on both sides of the rib cage- these aches seem to move around a bit and I have wondered if the liver lesion has something to do with it?
I have a very strong family history of cancers -Lynch syndrome 2 siblings have died from Ca and two survived, so have been a bit apprehensive about all of this.
The low O2 levels was something that has only just been picked up on but as I said before I remember setting off the alarms in the hospital back in May when I was admitted
Any ideas?