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[QUOTE=love2fishfork;3776359] You might look into Red Yeast Rice which is a naturally occurring statin. Although it is still a statin.


PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Here we go again!!!!

RYR is not a 'statin'. Please read my technical threads, some of which are placed on this board.

FYI, Simvastatin (zocor), is chemically manufactured, with it's main ingredient being an artificial 'copy' of the Monacolin 'K' compound found in RYR. Drug company scientists thought this to be the only compound of RYR that would lower cholesterol levels........WRONG!!!!!!!! WAY WRONG!!!!

There are 14 known monacolins to date, 90% of which have not yet been researched.

With 'monacolin k' removed from most RYR products sold in the USA, why is it that several products containing one to ten monacolins manufactured and sold in the USA today, do a superb job of lowering LDL and TC with this compound removed?
May I add, in the majority of cases, without the side effects of a statin drug.

Read this one from a previous life......


We, in our field, just hate hearing that RYR is a 'statin'.