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Becka.....For agitation, today he was just placed on haloperidol...2mg. 1-3 times a day...has been on and still is lorazepam (if needed)1mg. 3 times a day
For sleep....trazodone 100mg.......temazepam..30mg.
Was recently taken off sinemet and seroquel which I think were for his Parkinsons. I haven't had much luck with Parkinsons meds. I think it drives them bonkers even more.
He is also on heart and water pills. It is 1:00 A.M. here and he just went to sleep. He does not sleep during the day. I have tried music lights, dark, but about everything I know to do. I even taped a tape with me talking softly to him hoping he would think I was in the room with him.
He also has the sexual thing! He is 80 yrs. old.
I took care of my Mom and Dad, both with AD in my home for 5 yrs. and my Mom was verry bad, but I have not run into anything as severe as this poor man.
Snowylynne.......No, not to my knowledge has he had any seizures. The dr. just recently took him off seroquel and sinemet. It was replaced by haloperidol 2 days ago.
I was so happy to find these boards and listen to others opinions and knowledge. Actually, I know we have to have Doctor's, but sometimes people like yourself and others, can help so much.....hands on experience.
Have to wait a couple more days and see how this Haloperidol is going to play out.
Thanks so much.....SARAH