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I've been on Requip since the day it was available. I've had PD 15 yrs,and I'm now 61. I take 4mg four times a day. I'm convinced it's the reason I can get by with only 1/2 tab of Sinemet 3 times a daY. Whenever I see a new Dr, they are amazed at how well I'm doing and how litttle Sinemet I take after so many years. I've tried all the new drugs as they came out--Azilect, Neupro patch etc but always came back to Requip. If I take it without eating I will yawn and yawn, I think it makes me gain weight , and I do love to play the slots! These are things i CAN live with-some days you wouldn't know I havce PD, but I do have bad days like everyone. My DR said he doesn't have any patients on as high a dose, but it works for me.
Good Luck;)
Thanks for the info. I'm on 1mg 3x/day of Requip and .5mg 1x/day of Azilect. I have weeks that are good and weeks that I have trouble walking but I think this is hormonal (I'm 50). I want to put off sinemet as long as possible but I wouldn't mind upping the requip if it would help. My eyes tear and I yawn about 30-60 minutes after I take it but otherwise no bad side affects. I've actually lost about 20 pounds in the past two years (165 to 145) - I'd like to lose a bit more.