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  1. Effexor for pain
    ... property in certain anti depressants, like Effexor and Sinequan , that helps with pain relief. Rheumatologists are...
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  2. Epidural
    ... keeping my fingers crossed. The PM put me on Zanaflex, Sinequan ,Vistaril, and Ultram. Can't take much of the first ... the muscle spasms, etc. I am going to leave off the Sinequan tonite and try a low dose of Zanaflex and see how...
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  3. Sleeping Med Suggestions??
    ... My PM gave me an RX for a low dose of Sinequan yesterday. It is an old antidepressant, very cheap ... to headaches. I slept very well last night on the Sinequan . Also Ambien is for short term use only, as are all...
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