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My 13 year old started about 3 1/2 weeks feeling dizzy, like she was spinning or that the room was moving.It doesn't happen all day but usually 70% of the day. She had ct brain scan and a visit to an ear nose throat specialist and still can't figure out what the deal is. The ct scan on her brain was o.k. She had another ct scan Thursday but this time on her sinuses, results should be in Monday afternoon. Almost everyone, including me, thought that it was vertigo, or inner ear infection. After the specialist examined her very well decided that was not the case. She is also getting bad headaches that are mainly right in her forehead and are very painful, they last about 20 minutes to all night. No fevers, and no other symptoms. She got so bad 2 weeks ago that she actually fell and bumped her head on the wall. Antivert makes her sleepy but doesn't help.
She is on advair for mild asthma, she has almost always been on some kind of allergy medicine or nose spray to keep her allergies from getting the best of her. (We took her off the nose spray and singulair just to see if that was the culprit, it wasn't) She is not stuffed up or anything like that.
My question is, would bad sinuses cause this? The specialist says that if the sinus scan comes back negative then he will order an MRI on her head. She's learning how to deal with the dizziness but I don't think she should have to. Any suggestions?