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When my son was 5months old he got a cold and literally for 5months ++ we battled with ear infections, hives, pneaumonia, bronchitis, everything!!! The ped.. said -just cold - virus related.. Finally she said he needed to get tubes put in (for ears) that was when he was 9months..after that no more ear infections but the chest problems stayed - he would cough and cough every morning until he threw up - at night sleeiping he would get in coughing fits for 10-20 minutes long... and he was clearly having a food type allergic reaction..his lips started to swell so she sent us to an allergist when he was 10 1/2 months almost 11months old. The allergist is the one whom said - definelty all allergy related. The did an skin test that showed many environmental allergies along with the suspected food. He was put on zyrtec that helped out tremendously. The told me that their was no actual test for asthma for a child of this age just by them listening to his chest (I never noticed the wheezing but they did) and by the coughing bouts they said asthma.. They put him on singulair... And from then on it has really been great!!! His disposition has changed - (I guess he feels so much better)... THis past winter (he is currently 3 1/2yrs old) he did get the flu bug and we had to do home breathing treatments but that is only necessary if gets a cold that he can't get over. For us this was the best decision we made for him, I know it isn't good having children on meds...but he was miserable...

Hope this helps