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So she isn't using a steroid on a daily basis? Our inhaled steroid is a routine med. My daughter just turned 5 and is on Pulmicourt inhaler, Zyrtec syrup, Albuterol inhaler, and Singulair tabs. The Pulmicourt comes ever morning and night while the Zyrtec and Singulair only come at night. The Albuterol is PRN. This is the school routine. At home, the inhalers become neb treatments.

Is this a Pulmonologist that has come up with her asthma action plan? Does she have zones where you know exactly how to treat each zone? Pure and simple... The school doesn't want to he held responsible should something happen to her. They have you sign tons of paper work ensuring that they know the dosages of this and that, when to give the med, etc. They also don't want to be responsible for giving a medication unless it is medically necessary. So you then have to go back and get history to establish medical necessity. Look at it like this. She will have a medical record with the school that will stay on file as long as she is at the school or until you change it. So you really only have to go through this once.

I hated it but was glad I had done it when my daughter needed the inhaler after running on the playground. Anything can happen to her and her breathing can change on a dime. I love knowing they can take care of things at school. Good luck