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his is mainly his skin, he has allergy induced eczema. and he also has allergy eyes and an occasional runny nose. i really didn't realize how well his zyrtec was working until he had to been off for 5 days. when we took him yesterday, i was unsure of where they would do the tests because he was broke out all over, his face, back, stomach, legs, arms. i mean everywhere. they said his back was too bad to do the testing there. so they found a small area on his forearms that were semiclear. they only did 4 on each arm and then the control spots. it was not painful for him. he was more aggrivated at me holding his arms out. but after 20 min. nothing. it was just weird that even the control spot didn't show.
he is also on singulair, which seems to help aswell. i really think it is a combination of the singulair and zyrtec.
the only thing i know for sure he is allergic to is the blue hospital lap pads. and that didn't start until a year. at his pediatritions office they would have me wrap that around him to have him weighed with out his diaper. and after 3 times of horrible reactions, i knew for sure that's what it was. i mean to the extent of the nurse having to give him a dose of benadryl immediately. horrible horrible hives.
i guess like you said Goofykid, i will just treat what i can. he doesn't really have any stuffed aminals, his mattress is plastic, i will get some allergen pillow covers. and i try to keep him away form some stuff, but it is so hard. we live in the country with horses on the land next to us and cows across the road, and every kind of grass and tree you can immagine right in our yard.
the biggest thing i think is carpet. we live in a trailer. and all rooms are carpet except the kitchen, hall, and bathrooms. i asked the dr. if he thought i should remove it, and he said no, to just wait and see. i wish i knew if that was one, because i would remove it today. we are suppose to be building within the next 6 months, so for sure when we build, i won't do carpet.
i guess that is really all i can do until he is old enough to test and know for sure, thanks for the advise and suggestions.
have a great day.