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I have struggled with allergies for several years, mainly dust mites, tree pollen, hay, and dogs. I have been on Zyrtec and Rhinocort for over a year now. About two months ago I developed a pain in the middle/right side of my chest which I thought was from my acid reflux. I have been having non-stop post nasal drip and my allergies seem to be going crazy! I also have periods of hoarseness and sore throats. The weird thing is that the pain in my chest never goes away and is only in one spot, which is also where I feel the reflux discomfort. I had a chest X-ray and barium swallow. The X-ray was normal and the other showed severe reflux. I can't tell if I have multiple things going on or if they are connected. My family doctor also gave me Singulair to try, but I am a little affraid to try it because of the side effects. Anyone else have these symptoms? Is this a prime time for seasonal allergies, and if so what kind? Could the Zyrtec and Rhinocort stop working over time? I would be very thankful for any input. Thanks so much!
I doubt you'll have any side efffects from the singulair. It works very well for some people. However, you need to be seeing an allergist not your family doctor for your allergies. Right now is the end of ragweed season - it starts in August - so things have been bad for folks. And if it'sbeen dry where you are, that just makes it worse. You should consider allergy injections.