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okay this sounds like allergies though you may still have an infection. But if you can successfully treat the allergies, you can prevent the infection. Are you taking any of the allergy meds now? If you can continue with the zyrtec and the nasal spray. You might want to stop taking the singulair as it can cause a side effect of anxiety in some people. The chest tightness is probably related to the allergies too. If you can afford it Mucinex will help thin your mucus and relieve the chest tightness.

To irrigate go to the drugstore and get the NielMed Sinus rinse. It is a squeeze bottle and comes with the saline packets. Not everyone carries it, so you may have to shop around. Walgreens around me usually has it. The instructions are pretty clear, but basically, you will put the saline solution in one nostril and it will come out the other. It will feel weird at first, but after a couple of days, you should feel some relief. With allergies, it's good to do it daily, to wash the pollen and stuff out of your nose.