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Thanks Ozzy for your concern, it's nice to be able to relate. I was wondering why you would remove the humidifier outside the room. Our daughter's room is quite small, and I have sometimes wondered if too much moisture is a bad thing. Also, after speaking with others who have had similar problems, I'm really starting to think she has allergies (maybe dust mites). I'm hoping that we can see an allergist and get her started on Singulair.
HI..need to update a few things. First, the dose we are giving is .25 mg Pulmicort twice daily. Xopenex as needed (.63 mg). Fortunately, things are finally looking up. We went to the pulmonologist at University of Kentucky last week, he felt that there was a 99.99 % chance that this is not related to CF. He cited excellent growth, family history of allergies/asthma. He also felt that the source of the problem was nasal congestion, although she did has some very minor inflammation of the bronchi as noted on chest xray. He put her on Singulair and extended the Pulmicort therapy. We are still having a time with keeping her nose clear (and this is with Singulair, Saline drops, cool mist humidfier). Her congestion is most noted in the morning, with a stuffy nose and a little rattle in her upper airway. He did mention the possibilty of adding a nasal steroid to her treatment.