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I know, I know. :( I just honestly wasnt thinking about it. Everything just happened so fast! I got married, got my first real job, moved out of my parents home for the first time, got our first dog. Then I had a major surgery. Then the roof leaked and that was a huge disaster, and we went through so much trouble to get it fixed. Then my husband started to get sick with severe asthma, and had to quit his job. Then I started having severe allergies. Im on zyrtec, clarinex, allegra, singulair, pepcid (to enhance the allergy medecine) prevacid, and an inhaler. Then there was a leak in the bathroom and I was washing the floor one day and one of the tiles came up. I noticed that underneath the tile was mold. I totally freaked out and called the landlord. They took out the floor, washed it down, and relaid the tile. After that, I was sicker than ever. Then my dog got a tumor on his toe. The vet had to amputate. It was some kind of histamine tumor or something. The vet said probably caused by an allergic reaction. Its just been such a whirlwind, I have seen so many doctors. I just didnt put it all together until I saw the mold in the floor. We meet with our real estate agent on Sunday to put an offer in on a house!!! And get the heck outta here!!!