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I take singulair for allergies, and both times I have tried to stop I have developed a bad cough and it felt like my lungs were itching. The drug was originally an asthma drug. I never had any asthma symptoms, until I tried to stop taking the singulair.
Wow! I am having the same problems many of you are talking about with coming off Singulair. At first I was all for trying out a new(cheaper) method of controlling my allergies, but then I dropped off it and it was a nightmare! I felt completly paniced when I started having boughts of breathlessness! Doctor dosn't know if its asthma per say, but it sure is scary! One question for everybody....I have been having this stabing acking pain in my left chest near my shoulder...my shoulder and neck also acke as well and sometimes my arm....is anyone else experiencing this while on singulair??? I am going to see a doctor about this problem because its really starting to concern me...I have let this pain go on for 3 months now with no relief. I use my inhaler when my chest starts feelin tight do to the throbing pain and it makes the breathing easier at least. Any comments would be greatly appreciated! My only advice about getting off this med is talk to your doctor about it cause it seems to effect everyone diffrently. Take care!

Wow! Sorry you all are having such problems. I just quit it and had no side effects. But then, it didn't help my asthma at all so maybe I just dont' respond in any way to it. I am on Flovent and was having trouble when I mowed the grass so my doc thought adding the singulair might help. It didn't. And it was so expensive. Am surprised it was a cheaper alternative for you. I'm just sticking with zyrtec which I buy OTC from Canada...VERY cheap!
I have been on Singulair for about a year and I have had no side effects. I take it once a day in the evenings. I am not sure how much it would help my symptoms as my primary medication, but in conjunction with my other allergy and asthma medications it helped me get things under control. Originally, I was prescribed the Singulair as an asthma medication when I couldn't get a horrible cough (caused by asthma, allergies, PND) under control. It worked for me.

Singulair was the last medication added to my regimine which also includes: Allegra, Flonase, Astelin, Advair 500/50, Albuterol as needed.

I have an appointment in two weeks for a medication check-up. Three of my co-pays went up to $50 in January, in addition to 3 that already cost that much, so even though my current routine is working, I can't afford it anymore. With other meds, I am up to almost $400/month. It worries me to change meds though. Also, for my insurance for the Singulair, Allegra and Flonase are the recommended replacements. How can I use them as replacements when I am already taking them????
I take Singulair and Advair for allergies but mostly for asthma. Mine is worse in the spring so I usually get off it in the summer until about winter and then get back on. They both have been a lifesaver for me. I was in misery not being able to breathe before. They don't solve all the problems. I still have sinus/allergy troubles but I can, at least, breathe!!! I have not had any side effects from either of those and I have stopped them cold turkey and had no effects.

Good luck...everyone is different, it seems, so find out what works for you and don't just take our word for it.