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I posted not too long ago with a concern about my 8 year old step-daughter being on too many medications (i.e. Singulair, Zyrtec, Flonase, Levsin, Pepcid AC and Albuterol & Pulmicort through a nebulizer). Her mother has had her on these meds for years, saying that the childs pediatrician diagnosed her with asthma. Her father and I just received copies of all of her medical records to see for ourselves what kind of tests were ran, etc. for the doctor to come to that conclusion. Well, there were no tests at all...for anything. There wasn't anything even showing how she came to that diagnosis. All there is, is copies of all the medications she prescribed after the childs mother brought her to the ER for a coughing fit. I've heard of there being an actual asthma test to show if a child has asthma or not. I'm just wondering if this should have been done or if a pediatrician can diagnose asthma without any kind of testing...?