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:dizzy: Need to know if anyone's child under the age of 7 is or has taken this medicine . If so has there been ANY behaivor problems and any other side effects related to singulair in children. Please help, desperatly needing some answers. thank you .. jody
If you go to the Asthma board, you'll see a thread on Singulair for children. It might help. :) A web search on Singulair side effects will also give you good information. I understand it can really change a child's personality, causing aggression, etc.
My daughter's personalities changed with Zyrtec before. They became very tearful and helpless and withdrawn. I would imagine that Singulair could do the same thing?
I just got the singulair insert and remebered this question and yes it is listed in the insert package that it can cause irratibility. Interesting-I never knew this. If you do not have the blue insert-ask the pharmacist.
Hi Mother'sLove--My son is 19 and I got him off of Singulair this past winter. He had taken it for about a year before that and stopped for about a couple of weeks. When he went back on it, he became very agitated, couldn't sleep and was becoming severely depressed--almost a paradoxical effect. I yelled at his doctor for putting him on this med in the first place. Just because a drug is new doesn't mean it's good. My allergist wanted me on it, too for allergies (my son was on it for asthma). I took it for about 10 days--didn't like how I felt. It was poison in our systems(I'm 50; he's 19). It may be a blessing for some, just not for us. Take care--Hopeto
i gave it to my three year old son and within an hour of him taking it he became very aggresive toward his 1 1/2 year old sister. he pinned her to the floor and when she started crying he sat on her face to where i had to go and restrain him and take him off of her. i took them to the doctor for cold like symptoms and that is what they said to give them. then when i gave it to her she went from being cute and playful to her being mean and aggressive. she has thrown alot of temper tantrums which she never used to do until they put her on that medicine. neither one of my kids have ever been really aggressive until he started the singulair. sometimes it is to the point to where i have to restrain him so he cant hurt himself or his sister.
Please please please do more research on this drug. I would NEVER purposely try to scare anyone...especially those with young children.

However; there is a new warning with Singulair's side effects. Some include depression and suicide. I do not know how this effects children, so please bare with me. Just please do some more research. I was on about 4-5 years ago and just never felt "normal." I quickly got off of it. Maybe check into something else for your child.

Best of luck to you and your little one!
OMG After reading this thread I did a search for side effects and I found page upon page of parents saying their child had severe personality changes after starting singulair and how they stopped shortly after stopping the drug. I'm stopping my son tonight and see how his behavior changes in the next few weeks. He's been on it for approx 2 yrs and I haven't been able to figure out why he's had such a drastic change in behavior it was even suggested that he was psychotic a therapist.I posted on the mental health board searching for answers. God bless you for starting this thread thank you so much I would've gone on blindly feeding him the very thing has been making him sick.
Do your own search you'll scared to pieces.
I'm an adult and it caused suicidal depression and nightmares in me. Not your ordinary nightmares, but the kind where you wake up suddenly and go NO NO NO, and it stays with you for days. I've spoken to many parents of kids with Asperger's and told of my experience, and at least 3 had children who were experiencing nightmares since starting the Singulair. Once I suspected the meds caused it, I realized that within an hour of taking the tablet, I started crying and having very negative thoughts. I only took it about a couple of weeks, and when I stopped all the side effects stopped pretty much immediately.
Well it's been a week since I took myson off of the Singulair and the change is obvious. He's not having so many crying fits, or anger issues. He says he feels less stressed at school, no more talking about death, no more angry drawings, no more pretending to be a purple dragon or odd movements. But the most amazing thing is no more fits in the waiting at the Dr after the allergy shots. Last week he screamed and cried for a good 20 min and was using foul language. yesterday he was the sweet boy I use to know and he said that hurt a little bit. I also took him off of the zyrtec a few days later after finding the same warning buried in the pamphlet on pg 4.

What amazed me even more was that the study for side effects was only 4- 12 weeks can you all believe that???? Remember when it wasn't about the money and they studied a drug for 10 yrs before putting it out?
Hi all! I came across the title of this thread and my son was on Singulair at the age of 18 and began having behavioral problems and agitation. I told his doctor and he stopped it. I know for a fact Singulair was affecting him after 6 months or a year. Just my two cents but I believe it's possible at any age to be affected by this stuff. Al drugs have side effects but these effects were a pain in the neck. God bless all and take care--Hopeto--
Wow, I never thought someone else was having the same issue. My wife and I blamed everyone and everything including the teachers. My son has been on Singulair and Zyrtec for over 4 yrs, and we never thought to think of his medication. I have decided to take him off after consulting with the his pulmonary nurse. I am really hoping this will return my son to normal. He has been getting in trouble, and is always agitated. He's constantly fidgeting with his hands, has trouble focusing in school, and does things without explanation. Thanks for sharing your experiences this has really helped me.
My son is now 8 years old and has been on singulair since he was at least 18 months old. He has always had behavior issues. when the news broke about singulair I thought, WELL he has always been like that. then someone else on another message board posted and I really started thinking and thought HECK he has been on it so long, WE don't know any better. IT might be affecting him.
I talked to pulmo nurse and we are stopping it today. I really hope this does help, cuz if not I am at my wits end. He is aggressive, impulsive and just plain disrespectful. he hits and cries and throws fits.
Hopefully I will know within a week or two.
[QUOTE=motherslove07;2953122]:dizzy: Need to know if anyone's child under the age of 7 is or has taken this medicine . If so has there been ANY behaivor problems and any other side effects related to singulair in children. Please help, desperatly needing some answers. thank you .. jody
My son has taken Singulair off and on according to allergy season and I never really noticed a pattern but recently I started giving it to him (in the last 10 days) and he started to have severe "OCD" symptoms, saying he had a virus in his head and started worrying and doing ritualistic behaviors. He just went to the doctor yesterday and our doctor also mentioned that this drug could cause these side effects. I am no longer giving it to him and I so hope this is the end of his "virus in his head." I wish I had known earlier and saved my son a lot of stress and grief!
My son has been off singulair for about a month now, and he's doing better in school now he's even playing with the other children. Before he was extremely anti social, experiencing an extremely high level of anxiety, he was concerned about death (He's 6), he was having trouble controlling his play he was pretending to be a little purple dragon from the game spyro, he was wandering out of the lunch room in a very confused state, forgetting his books, fits of anger and tears at home, asid he hated himself and he was stupid. His therapist and teachers were concerned he was having breaks from reality and asked that I get a psych eval. Just got the eval done and he's fine. It was the medicine all the time. Don't get me wrong he's not perfect now but even he says he feels better not as stressed out. He hasn't be pretending to a purple dragon anymore.

From now on I'm reading the pamphlet from pg 1 to end without fail and I'll be doing internet searches as well before I give him any new medicine considering the DR's hand out medicine these days like there chiclets When I talked to his Allergist about the side effects he acted as if I sai it was a beautiful sunny day and said yeah I've been hearing something about it. I guess it's about the money instead of the long term effects.
[QUOTE=motherslove07;2953122]:dizzy: Need to know if anyone's child under the age of 7 is or has taken this medicine . If so has there been ANY behaivor problems and any other side effects related to singulair in children. Please help, desperatly needing some answers. thank you .. jody

I am new to this and I am a clinical researcher and feel I needed to comment. My son who is 10 years old and 107 lbs is on singular. However, I would never give him the full dose of this medication eventhough his MD Rx for 5 mg at bedtime. I only give him 1/2 mg everyother day. Yes, there are changes but only very positve ones. I think it is due to the dose. He does appear to be more "active" within an hour of this medication he also wants to eat more but loses weight. I do not give it at bedtime as it keeps him up even at this small dose. The medication seems to build up and that is why I only give him 1/2mg everyother day. When he first started I gave him 2.5mg he became too hyper and edgy!
I am only guessing that this medication may be increasing thyroid levels or adrenaline. He is only on this medication in the early fall and spring.
. Before singular he was very moody, tired, weak, and could not concentrate on his school work. I only give him this if nessasary.
Thank you and I hope this helps you.