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Hi MAD MAZ, :wave: I know what you are talking about. Last year I turned 40 and all of a sudden I find myself sitting in an allergist office. I found out I was allergic to dog, cats, rabbits, all trees, grass, mold, leaves, dust mites, pist nuts, and almonds. I have never had allergies before this. I kept breaking out in hives on my hands, face and feet. Now I also found out I am allergic to sulfer drugs too. I have to take Allergra XL 180mg and Singulair 10mg everyday even in the winter or I start to break out in hives.:

[/FONT]QUOTE=MAD MAZ;3040411]I am 42 years old and have just had the Allergen skin ***** test and am Allergic to the world, well that's how I feel!!

I am Allergic to peanuts, Brazil nuts, Cod, border line egg, wheat, and house dust mites.Also tree mix, mixed grass, birch, dogs and cats.The only thing I was OK with was shrimp!!

I am so scared with all this I already have real bad anxiety I am scared to eat everything you buy says( it may contain nuts) I am truly going NUTS with all this.

Anyone with a peanut allergy who can help me with what I can eat and things.

I do have a under active thyroid ... so my body as turn against me...Mandy