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How do alternitive Dr cure leaky gut?

I have chronic hives. Aso other things with the mast cell.
I am allergic to everything. There is not much I can eat, touch, smell, ect...
I am allergic to every antibiotic now and benedryl as well as all nsaids and pain relievers.

I am taking

Prednisone (steriod)
Plaquenil (malaria Drug)
Zantac (stomach med extreemly high dosages 600+ mg a day)
Nasonex (steriod nasal spray)
Singulair (asthma-allergy med)
proventil (inhailer)

These drugs are all used to stop the mast cells in my body from reacting to things (autoimmune)

Have you trried any of these meds?

Sorry, I am new on here and just saw you post. Do you see an immunologist? Do you know what brings on your hives or is it like mine, just chronic?