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alexa, I understand completely what you are saying. All drugs do have side effects. Which is why we are where we are in the first place. My son is on zyrtec, singulair, and pulmacort. Some of the effects of singulair are constipation. But without singulair and zyrtec, He is a complete hive. We have been in the hospital 2 times in the last year. and had pneumonia and rsv several times through out the year that was close to becoming a hospital stay. That is why he is now on pulmacort. Without these medicines, he would be in the hospital all the time. And believe me, i would take him off tomorrow if i could, but it is not worth he not being able to breath and ending up in the hospital.
I agree that changing diet, etc. is the best way to treat constipation if it can be done, which in our case, cannot. I'm not meaning to get defensive, but i feel that i am always being accused of being a bad parent because my little one takes so much medicine. But honestly i have taken him to at least 5 different kinds of drs. to try to do something different. All say the same thing. some want to put him on more. But he is now doing the best he has ever done, and is a very happy, active little boy.
like i said i am sorry about being defensive and pregnancy hormones don't help either. :) Hope you all have a good week and get that constipation undercontrol however it is.