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I definitely feel your pain! My allergies (everything but dust and mold...) really makes my asthma flare up which sucks. I take Singulair 10mg every day and use Veramyst nasal spray whenever I remember. I was okay until last week when the pollen readings in my area were 11+ (with 12 being the highest) and it felt like the Singulair was doing NOTHING!

I ended up using bioAllers Tree Pollen Relief drops which is a homeopathic remedy. Basically you just put drops of the liquid under your tongue several times a day and it works much the same as immunotherapy shots - introduces trace amounts of the allergen into your system so you can build up a tolerance. It might not work for everybody, but it's definitely helped me a lot - I've felt totally clear since taking it. I originally started using the Pet Dander drops they have when I first got cats and it helped enormously so I thought I'd give the Tree Pollen one a try. This is by no way an endorsement, just a suggestion - allergies can make you desperate for anything that may help sometimes!! :)