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I am at the end of my rope...as are my spouse and friends. No one is even bothered by my constant sniffing, nose blowing, nose bleeds, and complaining. In January, we walked in the house and i came unglued. Started successive sneezing (never done that before). My face swelled up and for weeks I couldn't get off the couch. I gave in and went to doctor. She said, inside of nose was pale and swollen. Allergies. Put me on zyrtec, singulair and flonase. Saw a bit of improvement. Still getting "attacks". I can feel em coming. Face starts burning, eyes sting, nose runs profusely, head pounds.

The thing is that I have never had allergies. I dealt with it a bit longer and went to allergist. Tests showed I am allergic to EVERYTHING. My dogs (that i have had for 4 years before the onset of allergies), the grass in my front yard, the three most common trees in the area, i tested at a 7 or above for like 28 items. WHAT THE HELL!!!

The allergist put me on veramyst instead and told me to stop the singulair. I have allergy proofed the bedroom with the best money can buy. i feel so much better when I am away from home. The attacks are mostly in the evenings.

Anyone recognize this story? Anyone taking meds that are working? I use my neti pot religiously, but it is only temporary. I just want to chop my head off and toss it in the yard. Ok, I am gonna go lay with an ice pack. Will take any advice, co-miseration, or suggestions. I need help now...not 5 years from now like the shots. Thanks!!