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I have a 6 year old son who is allergic to just about everything. I had him on singulair, however after reading the possible side effects of behavior issues (which is had to the extreme) I decided to take him off and his behavioral issues went away. Of course, he is a 6 year old boy who still have issued, but NOTHING like when he was on the medication. We did however start him on zyrtec and he is acting the same way. As anything out there had any experience with zyrtec in children and side effect.

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My kids have used zyrtec and singulair both, off and on for years, without problems. Both DD's & DS's behavior is horrible right now but I attribute that to their allergies (it's miserable here.)

There are other meds you could try though. DS uses older antihistamine/decongestant combos. He used extendryl for a long time but now uses ryneze (both RX). DD does use zyrtec but benedryl works ok for her, too. Allegra (RX) is also available in a syrup. We also like the alavert dissolvable tabs (OTC). Another good option is a nasal steroid spray. We've been using those for years. According to our allergist, if they need oral antihistamines more than 3 days/week, they should be on a nasal steroid spray. Those are of course RX. DD is also using astelin which is a topical antihistamine (also RX). For eye symptoms, zatidor (OTC) works well. Honestly, there are so many options out there, your allergist should be able to find a combo that works without causing problems.