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I agree with the pps. It sounds like your DS has asthma, too. Does he use any controller meds for his asthma (like singulair, pulmicort, flovent, etc.)?? At that age, we had good results with the combo of singulair and pulmicort for the neb. What allergy meds is he using? Have you tried a nasal steroid spray for the congestion? (Again, my children were using nasal steroid sprays at that age.)

You mentioned that he was tested. Did a pediatric allergist test him? If so, have you discussed the wheezing with him? We did see a pedi-pulmonologist like the pp mentioned; however, I always felt like it was duplication of services to have both an allergist and a pedi-pulmo. If you can find a good pedi-allergist, he should be able to treat both the asthma and allergies.

One last thing you could consider is allergy shots. Our DD started shots at 2 and had amazing improvement in her asthma symptoms. DS started at 5 and has had similiar results. They're 8 and 10 now and are still on shots. DD is 2 years into her 2nd round. She should be finished around age 10. DS just started his 2nd round; therefore, he has at least 4 more years. However, we may stop early on DS if he continues to do so well.