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Thanks GG. (What a coincidince. We call my daughter GiGi) Anyhoo...thanks for posting. We have moved past asthma at this point. The Asthma specialist tested her for various allergies and she is not allergic to anything. After a couple of weeks on Asmanex, Singulair and an emergency inhaler, all with no affect on the coughing fits and airway constriction he now thinks it may be LPR reflux. He thinks she may be choking on stomach acid that gets into her throat when she lays down or eats a food that causes the reflux. He took her off all of the asthma medication and now has her on an over-the-counter stomach acid reducing medicine and we have an appointment with a throat doctor to have her tested for the reflux. So far the new medication is not doing any good and we are going on a month now of these nightly episodes. Not much sleep happening. If anyone has any experience with this please feel free to chime in. Thanks.