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Hi, I am new to this board and these problems.
I had an xray of the cervical spine that came back Cervical Spondylosis. I also had an MRI that I haven't seen the results but they told me I have a few herniated disks and told me to see an orthopedic spine specialist. I noticed you all are talking neurosurgeon and was wondering if you think the spine specialist can work just as well for me.
I have no insurance and am wondering how much treatments or surgeries you have had run.
The bad thing is that I can't get into this specialist until March 25th and I have no idea how I will deal with the pain til then. The muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds the doctor gave me are doing nothing but putting me to sleep. I'm finding it harder by the day to drive and am sure I really shouldn't be. Sitting at the puter causes alot of pain too. Most of my pain is in the neck. It is very tight and my head leans to the right. Does anyone else have the leaning to one side thing?
Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated as I want to know what I can before seeing the doctor.
Here are a few pictures from the MRI. BTW-I have Crohn's disease too and would imagine that's where the spine arthritis comes from. Thanks! :)

I don't really know if a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon is better. Maybe it depends on where/what the problem is? When my doctor saw my MRI results she called me and said it looks like you'll be having surgery, do you prefer a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon? Like I knew at that point? I left it up to her and she recommended the ns.

Has anyone recommended any other treatments to you for pain? I have read some people saying that massages are very good for the pain and stiffness. Some people have used traction and it helped. If your head is leaning, I think it's because the muscles are really tight. What muscle relaxer are you on? Have you told the doctor it's not helping? I am taking Skelaxin and it seems to do a good job and not make me too sleepy, I think it's expensive though. I also take generic Lortab 5, and they are really cheap. I have been able to keep working so neither is interfering too much. There is a thread her somewhere about prices of surgery. I think it is called "Maybe this is taboo..." or something like that. I am so blessed to have insurance right now. We went several years without it and this could have happened then. Is the hospital going to let you make payments for the surgery? Have you talked to someone at social services to see if they can help with it? Good luck to you.

PS I really don't know much, so please don't try massages or traction without talking to your doctor first.
Thanks everyone for the information. You are great!
My biggest problem right now is trying to function til I see this specialist and hopefully he'll have better answers/options for me. For now I'm just taking what my GP has given me. I've been on or am on Skelaxin (One week's worth was $53 and it didn't help me anyways so I asked the doc for something with a generic), the generic for Flexeril, Vioxx (I had to go off of cuz it was giving me gut pains and with my Crohn's that's a bad sign), and flurbiprofen (anti-inflammatory). I even took a Vicodin that wasn't prescribed but left over from my daughter's teeth being pulled. Nothing but laying down gives me any relief. I only work part-time but that's even getting difficult.
I'm trying to avoid going to the GP again cuz I'm saving what money I can for whatever treatment the ortho spine guy comes up with but 'yikes!' those figures are scary!
Once again, thanks for your input.