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I take ultram-minimally for pain, skelaxin-minimally for muscle spasms and ativan mostly at night to help combat my anxiety over being in constant pain and to take the edge off. Currently I'm scared of med's, so if I take an ultram in the day for pain I won't take anything else, even though I know I need it. Basically I haven't taken any mixture of these as I'm scared. I'll only take one a day, unless it's ultram and my pain is bad I'll take a total of 2--1 then 1- 6 hours later. I'm just wondering if b/c of my fears I'm not getting better. Can I take them all? You know, spaced in a course of a day? Any reations amoung these three? Any info would help, as I'm on week 12 of pain and just not getting better. Thanks, Stephanie
Hi stephanie. I also take skelaxin 800 MG 3 times a day and Tramadol HCL 50 MG every 6 hours and Mobic 15 MG once a day, You should contact your doctor for that kind of info, I hope your pain is better